Stones of Respect

Have you ever been in a cemetery and noticed stones or pebbles set on top of headstones? Yeah me too.

Headstones of Mr. and Mrs. FrittsĀ  at Grand Canyon Pioneer Cemetery May 2018

I always assumed they were small tokens left behind by loved ones, but after some research, there is more to it. On closer look, most of the stones you see in cemeteries are placed upon Jewish headstones.

Headstone of David James Lee Sharp from Grand Canyon Pioneer Cemetery May 2018
Headstone of George W Cravey at Grand Canyon Pioneer Cemetery May 2018

The Jewish religion uses pebbles or stones as they say prayers at the gravesite and leave them on the headstone as they depart. Traditionally, the stones are placed on the grave using their left hand. Pebble in Hebrew is tz’ror which means “bond”.

Headstone of Dorothy Wakefield Murray at Camano Lutheran Cemetery October 2017

This is a form of respect and is symbolic of the deceased being commemorated and still in the thoughts and memories of the living. A forever bond between the living and the deceased. 

Fun Fact: Jewish tradition forbids placing flowers on a grave because it imitates non-Jewish (gentile) practices.

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