Memorial Art

Memorial Fine Art program

We offer families memorial art on a volunteer donation method. Illustrations or fine art images are based off a photo or image sent to us. The photo can be of their loved one or loved one’s pet, favorite toy, public park, building, flower, animal etc.
Our website is:
We accept requests for memorial fine art illustrations on a first come-first serve basis at
After the fine art image is produced the original can be shipped to the family via USPS in a poster tube (US & Canada) or sent as a digital image worldwide. The family can donate any amount of fiscal contribution they feel shows their appreciation appropriately.
Contributions accepted by supporting the artist at:

Turn around time on the art is usually 1-3 months from date of image submission and any related info received. An image, name & date of decedent, release form (example below) and contact info for requestor are the only requirements.

We host an image of the fine art and the decedent’s name/story from the family or Funeral Director on our website here.
Here is a link to my personal artist This page has events and magazines listed that my art has been published in.
Please let me know if you have any questions I may assist with.

Sincerely, Holly

————————————————————– To submit a request for Memorial Art simply copy the information below and email it to:

  • Attach the image you would like to submit for your art
  • your contact information
  • decedent’s name
  • funeral home
  • decedent’s date of death
  • then hit send!

You should receive a confirmation response with in 72 hours.


“My legal name is:__________

My contact information is:__________

Optional US or Canada shipping address:_______________________

Decedent’s name:_________________

Decedent’s Date-of-death:_____________

Decedent’s funeral home:______________

I am the legal Next-Of-Kin or have legal permission from the decedent’s closest Next-Of-Kin to submit and request this memorial art. I hereby release and all it’s affiliates to distribute this story and any related images publicly and in perpetuity.”


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