profile of Holly Berry
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Licensed Funeral Director, WA – located in Northwest United States. The facets of death that interest me the most are the customs, norms and rituals among the different ethnic groups surrounding their way of approaching death. Some have this inescapable part of life integrated into their customs while others do not want to think about it at all.

I appreciate adventuring with friends and anytime we can stop in person to enjoy history right in front of us is very rewarding to me. 2020



Favorite quote:

“Fear accompanies the possibility of death,
Calm shepherds its certainty.”

Matthew Barnes moved to Seattle from Ontario Canada where he grew up. He describes the Seattle area as, “Cottage like, with many trees and mountains.” Working in the IT industry is what brought him to Washington however, the easy access to hiking and scenery just might keep him here for awhile. “This year my goal is to hike all the trails around the Mountain Loop Highway. I find myself revisiting favorite hikes I like.”

When he isn’t working as a software programmer or hiking with his dachshund, Matt will spend time rally racing. Many of his action shots are of the races.

Michelle aka “M” – Retired / On Sabbatical

Retired 2019

Traveler, adventurer and troublemaker. Currently working in Information Technology (IT) for a non-profit and spending my free time working on this project, practicing aerial arts or playing outside. I love discovering the history of the places we visit… and we always find the local cemetery! Death and dying rituals fascinate me. Especially in the United States, where the end of life is feared.

It’s been mentioned that I have a morbid sense of humor. I love taking photos. I’m also a member of the Mountaineers, Mazamas and WTA.